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"I'd almost forgotten the excitement of not knowing, the delights of uncertainty."

You wanna know what I forgot about? The delight in just writing something, posting it online for others to read, and never knowing if anybody ever did. On social media, there's always a number attached to anything you post. The number of likes. The number of shares. The number of views. The number of comments. If the numbers on one post aren't as high as the number on another, it's natural to think "oh no! What did I say wrong??", when most likely the compu-powers that be decided one post should be shown less than another for any number of a million possible reasons. What an unnecessary cause of stress! Just write what you want to say, in your own name, and either people will read it or they won't. If you don't know how many views your posts get but continue to write anyway, then the views weren't really important, were they?