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Myy Favourite Podcasts

Good Morning! Here are some of my favourite podcasts.

Behind the Bastards

Robert Evans and various guests. Left-leaning dissection of terrible people and the terrible things they do or have done. On-topic 77% percent of the time. Robert Evans is a journalist who has reported from the field in the middle east, and the episodes are well-researched with a healthy diet of sardonic humour to balance out the war crimes.

Advisory Opinions

David French and Sarah Isgur. Centre-right commentary on Supreme Court happenings and sometimes new stories involving the law. David is a longtime free speech advocate, and Sarah was a DOJ spokeswoman and counsel during the Trump administration. Sarah’s always within two degrees of knowing just about anybody in the legal world, and David is strong in his faith and his French Press newsletter on The Dispatch has been one of my weekly Must-Reads for two years now.

Stuff You Should Know

Josh Clark and Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant. The quintessential podcast. They’ve been going strong since 2008. I’ve been listening off and on since 2010, and I think of their camaraderie and banter as the gold standard of podcasts.