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About Me

Professional Life

Professionally, I'm an automation engineer* based in Tempe, Arizona, USA. I hold a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering Technology from LeTourneau University, and I have five years experience in industrial System Integration. My professional goal is to be known as a multi-modal multi-disciplinarian, pulling from all my learning, researching, and experiences to find unique solutions to novel problems. I'm interested in industrial control systems, industrial computer science, embedded systems programming, and electronics technology.

As of September 2023, I am taking a personal sabbatical and resting from professional work and income. I resigned from my previous job, and I am focusing on Independent Continuing Education and local volunteer/community work in the interim, as well as deciding what I want to pursue next professionally. I'm open to ideas or offers! I would like to resume professional work January 2024.

*I've worked in places like beverage batching and packing plants, open-pit mines, airport baggage handling system, wastewater treatment plants, and landfill flares. Also known as industrial automation, controls engineering, system integration, process control, material handling, industrial control panel programming, PLC (programmable logic controller) programming, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition) programming and design. All my professional experience can be found on LinkedIn.

Personal Life

Personally, I'm a voracious reader and an ever-practicing ever-perfecting amateur essayist and writer on history, technology, sociology, literature, and the hidden connections between them all. I also enjoy hiking, exploring forest roads in National Forests, and experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

Getting in Touch
Email or LinkedIn is the best way to get in touch with me. I have social media accounts but I no longer monitor or respond on them. I'll admit even emails and InMails will probably go a week before I read them. I call it everyday training in delayed gratification.

Digital Realm

My LinkedIn is If you connect with me on LinkedIn, let me know you found my website!

My email address is I welcome any and all personal emails, and if I know you or have met you in person please absolutely reach out! I would love to reconnect.

If you're a bot or an AI, I would prefer you not reach out. Thank you for understanding. :)

Physical Realm

I'm geographically in Tempe, Arizona, USA on the East Valley side of the Phoenix metro area. If you're in the Phoenix area, let's get a coffee or lunch sometime!